Kickstarter campaign launched!

Kickstarter campaign launched!

Good news, everyone! I just launched the Pizzeria Disgusto Kickstarter campaign!

Go to the project’s Kickstarter page to find out more about how you can help me make Pizzeria disgusto come to life!

I hope to raise the money to pay for printing the book and to cover packaging and shipping costs as well as fees and taxes. And of course financing all the rewards you can choose from. Like a limited edition pizza box, original drawings or even a brush made out of my mustache hair. Aka. The Brushtache. And there are some early bird specials for the first backers of the campaign…

If you want to support my project please share the campaign and help me spread the word. Tell your friends about Pizzeria Disgusto. Or the chef at your favourite pizza place. Or share it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter…

Special thanks to Tobias Ludescher and Peter Schönhardt for making the Kickstarter video! And thanks to Basti Balser from Pirate Movie Production for editing, Christoph Holzknecht for additional sounds, Andres Jensen for the music and Galileo Sironi for the Italian translation! Mille Grazie!

Pizzeria Disgusto Mille Grazie!